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STACY ADAMS OFFicial shop Men's Callan Daily bargain sale Oxford Wingtip

STACY ADAMS Men's Callan Wingtip Oxford


STACY ADAMS Men's Callan Wingtip Oxford

Product description

Leave no head unturned with the Stacy Adams Callan Wingtip Oxford. Classic wingtip style, richly burnished leather, and a modern sawtooth sole combine with a houndstooth printed suede upper to make this an exciting addition to any collection.

No dejes la cabeza sin girar con el Stacy Adams Callan Wingtip Oxford. Estilo clásico de punta de ala, cuero ricamente bruñido y una moderna suela de diente de sierra se combinan con una parte superior de ante estampado de pata de gallo para hacer de esta una adición emocionante a cualquier colección.

Stacy Adams Callan 윙팁 옥스포드로 머리를 돌리지 마세요. 클래식한 윙팁 스타일, 풍부한 광택 가죽, 현대적인 톱니 솔이 하운드투스 프린트 스웨이드 어퍼와 결합되어 모든 컬렉션에 흥미진진한 추가 아이템이 됩니다.

STACY ADAMS Men's Callan Wingtip Oxford

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