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Marmot Men's Rocklin Max New item 77% OFF Full Zip Jacket

Marmot Men's Rocklin Full Zip Jacket


Marmot Men's Rocklin Full Zip Jacket

Product description

When your crew calls to say they're headed your way for an impromptu outdoor adventure, throw on the Marmot Men's Full Zip Rocklin Jacket and hit the road. It offers 100-weight fleece for lightweight warmth and is easy to layer over your base layer or under a shell or insulated jacket. Flatlock seams make this fleece jacket even more comfortable and reduce irritation and chafing during long days of wear. Mother Nature’s throwing curve balls? Use the full zip at the front to easily adjust to fluctuating temperatures. Stow small gear like your phone, keys, cards, and more in the zippered hand pockets. Its casual, transitional style—subtly finished with our logo on the chest and back collar—works for the post-adventure recap at your favorite brewery or coffee shop.

From the manufacturer

Cold Technologies

From planned treks in chilly temperatures to unexpected turns in the weather, we offer the ultimate in protection with cold-weather technologies like Featherless, SpiraFil, and PrimaLoft

Cold Technologies

Wind Technologies

Water Technologies

Heat Technologies

Marmot Men's Rocklin Full Zip Jacket

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