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Columbia National National products products Men's Tamiami II LS Bluet L Shirt Bright

Columbia Men's Tamiami II LS Shirt,Bright Bluet,L


Columbia Men's Tamiami II LS Shirt,Bright Bluet,L

Product description

Ideal for longer trips, our lightest weight fishing shirt. Quick-drying fabric wicks moisture, offers outstanding sun protection, and features plenty of stretch for enhanced range of motion that’s key when casting. At the back shoulder, mesh-lined cape vents provide maximum airflow for breathable comfort. At the front chest, you’ll find deep pockets for stashing gear and a rod holder for hands-free convenience. For added versatility, sleeves can be rolled up and secured with a button tab. Relaxed fit.

Columbia Men's Tamiami II LS Shirt,Bright Bluet,L

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