,Metal,Bicycle,Spring,Downhill,$87,Suspension,/ethmopalatine882559.html,Catazer,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Rear,RCP2S,Shoc $87 Catazer RCP2S Downhill Bicycle Metal Rear Suspension Spring Shoc Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $87 Catazer RCP2S Downhill Bicycle Metal Rear Suspension Spring Shoc Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation,Metal,Bicycle,Spring,Downhill,$87,Suspension,/ethmopalatine882559.html,Catazer,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Rear,RCP2S,Shoc supreme Catazer RCP2S Downhill Bicycle Metal Shoc Suspension Spring Rear supreme Catazer RCP2S Downhill Bicycle Metal Shoc Suspension Spring Rear

supreme Catazer RCP2S Downhill Bicycle Metal Shoc Suspension Spring Ranking TOP4 Rear

Catazer RCP2S Downhill Bicycle Metal Rear Suspension Spring Shoc


Catazer RCP2S Downhill Bicycle Metal Rear Suspension Spring Shoc

Product description

This new shock provide more delicate damping system to handle the small and big impact, it also makes this shock more durable. New Oil route improves the bouncing behavior to resist the shock on the roads.
Adjustments Rebound / Compression / Preload / Air PressureAdjustable/Big impact
Damper shaft Hard chromed shock ? 12 mm ( 0.47 inch ) shaft.
Dark hard-anodized AL-7075 shock body. Riding style AM / FR / DH

Color :Black


Catazer RCP2S Downhill Bicycle Metal Rear Suspension Spring Shoc

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