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GIGALUX H4 9003 Mesa San Diego Mall Mall LED Headlight Xtreme Bright Bulbs Halog 12000lm

GIGALUX H4 9003 LED Headlight Bulbs, 12000lm Xtreme Bright Halog


GIGALUX H4 9003 LED Headlight Bulbs, 12000lm Xtreme Bright Halog

From the brand

12000LM High Lumen Performance LED
Prime X Super Bight LED
Gigalux Night Hunter LED Series

Our story

How we got our start?
GIGALUX's origins all started in a small garage inToyota. The year is 1998 and Super Street and Import Tuner ruled the street. Back in 2006, our founders teamed up with a former senior retired Honda engineer to develop the first generation of aftermarket LED bulbs.
What makes our product unique?
GIGALUX LED headlight is the most advanced LED head lamp on the market, using the latest Prime X LED chip technology. The high-performance Prime X LED chip enables the light to spread across the entire road, with a very good pavement effect.
Why we love what we do?
GIGALUX LED Headlight bulbs are developed with the aim of providing driver higher lighting effect and safer driving.

Product Description

12000LM High Lumen Performance LED Headlight Bulbs

12000LM High Lumen Performance LED Headlight Bulbs

GIGALUX LED Headlight bulbs are developed with the aim of providing driver higher lighting effect and safer driving. With the combination of MAX light output and unique beam pattern, it can penetrate through fog, rain and snow.

GIGALUX LED headlight bulbs uses the latest advanced solid state lighting technology that provides a long and reliable service life. Max light output: 12000LM. Compared with halogen (3500LM) or HID (5500LM) you can get 3 times more light per watt from the high power LED lights.

  • 12000LM High Lumen
  • +400% brighter than stock
  • Wider Nighttime Driving Vision
  • Error Free/Canbus Build-in
  • Prime X LED Chips
  • 1:1 OEM Halogen Design
  • 360° Adjustable, Beam DIY
  • Plug and Play, 5 mins Easy Install

Advanced LED Headlight Bulbs

Prime X LED, 1:1 Halogen Design

The Night Hunter LED Headlights

  • The GIGALUX “The Night Hunter” LED headlight bulbs were designed with maximum efficiency in mind - using a specially designed white light to help you see further at night. With their easy plug and play installation, these GIGALUX LED headlamps will fit exactly like your original halogen bulbs, for a hassle-free conversion.
  • The ultra-high performance Prime X LED diode is for the true enthusiast looking for the best automotive lighting experience. This diode is one of the most advanced on the market, and out performs all other offerings for both lumen and lux output in a single package. You will be seeing further down the road with our new line of automotive LED headlight bulbs, which are available in standard, high beam, and hyper beam configurations.
  • Our universal "The Night Hunter" kit has been constructed with the industrial-grade LED technology that is 4 times brighter than standard halogen headlights, driving stronger light beams through the darkest night and bad weather.

High Lumesn; Wider Driving Vision; Long Service Life.

Comparison with halogen bulbs.

Source: GIGALUX LED Research Lab,2021

  • GIGALUX "The Night Hunter" LED bulb was designed with the look, fit and output in mind. The low-profile copper PCB is seated directly on top of the Prime X LED Chips to ensure an even light output and beam pattern. The bulbs are made out of a high grade aluminum alloy that will be sure to last you several years of usage.
  • Our LED lighting technology is engineered to focus on providing the driver with a more accurate light output. GIGALUX Prime X chips enable an enhanced beam pattern capable of achieving a similar light output profile, as compared with the original filament bulbs, for an accurate light beam across the road.
  • Developed by automotive lighting experts to maximize visibility at night, the GIGALUX " The Night Hunter" LED bulb gives you an improved driving experience and safety on the road.

The dark should fear me.

The dark should fear me!

GIGALUX H4 9003 LED Headlight Bulbs, 12000lm Xtreme Bright Halog

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