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SUMABA Same day shipping Long Leg Men Underwear Boxer No Briefs Rid Fly with Import Pouch

SUMABA Long Leg Men Underwear Boxer Briefs Fly with Pouch No Rid


SUMABA Long Leg Men Underwear Boxer Briefs Fly with Pouch No Rid

Product description

SUMABA Men Bamboo Boxer Briefs:

Wide Waistband:1.38 Inch(3.5CM),
Logo Wide Waistband in Different Colors
Full Underwear's Length: 13.8 Inch
Long Leg Length: 6Inch (15CM)


Premium Underwear Material: Made from 95% Bamboo Fiber and 5% Spandex, Super soft, Breathable, Stretch, Anti-Wrinkles.
No Ride Up amp; Avoid Thigh Friction: With 6" Longer Leg Length, No Ride Up More Fitted to the Leg, and Effectively Prevent Pain Caused by Leg Friction.
3D U-Pouch amp; Open Fly: With 3D U-Pouch Design, Can Provide Good Support to Men. Pocket Open in Front is Easy-Go When Nature Calls.
Tag-Free Label and Logo for All-Day Comfort.
Healthy Fabric and Soft Touch: Bamboo Fiber is a Natural Material More Skin-Friendly and Feels Very Soft.
Smooth Non-Chafing Stitching: No Sides Visible Seaming and Back Seam Feel Smooth on Your Skin.

Meduim / Wais (32"-34")
Large/ Waist(36"-38")
XL / Waist(40"-42")
XXL / Waist(44"-46")
XXXL/ Waist (48"-50")

SUMABA Long Leg Men Underwear Boxer Briefs Fly with Pouch No Rid

Strings & Text
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